Well that’s me! My name is Jaiden Vu and I’m super blessed with the opportunity to have created this company! Super funny thing is I've been constantly asked, “Why of all things to get into, that it has to be cosmetics?”. Well the truth is I stumbled upon this by accident. I didn’t wake up one day saying “today I’m going to be an owner of a cosmetics company”. Just kind of happened, like life, things happen. So the real question here is, why did I decide to take this seriously? I’d love to share that with you!  


Since growing this company, with each and every month I’ve invested into the early stages, the experience started to give me a sense of purpose in life. I’d spend a lot of my downtime watching make-up tutorials, studying trends and researching issues customers experience on the daily. Funny enough, I’d also go into beauty stores and pretend I’m buying something for someone but I’m really there to look at how products are packaged!


Then one day it all changed, my lightbulb moment went off! The purpose behind all of this was now crystal clear. In the heart of downtown Vancouver, roaming the busy streets, I observed and witnessed something so life changing, so pure. The hundreds of people passing by me, I knew that was it; it was natural beauty. I've developed an undying love for those that wore little to no make-up. The confidence and sheer positivity vibrating off these people was remarkable. It was almost this sense of freedom, like nothing held them back.  


This core founded purpose however, actually ran deeper on a personal level. My true affinity for natural beauty was rooted from my early years. Growing up, I've spent my most of my childhood living in a government funded home, walking the streets of poverty. My parents were immigrants who found themselves on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. They left their home and security in Vietnam, with hopes to provide a better life for their kids. No education, no money and no plan, just a dream. 


My mother spent most of her life raising us three kids, leaving my dad to be the sole breadwinner of the family. Adversity at its best, there would be nights where we wouldn’t have enough food for the entire family, so we’d take turns starving. Why am I sharing this? Because my mother and sister grew up never having any spending money to spoil themselves on luxuries like cosmetics. The thought of being able to look nice and feel great was non-existent. The priority was to survive. So throughout most of my early years, I became a witness to the development of an affinity for natural beauty.


Fast forward to today, it was able to finally dawned on me; the company’s true purpose is to stand as a symbol, a centralized hub, for natural beauty supporters akin. I believe natural beauty not only empowers an individual but gives them the confidence to accept themselves, to know that they’re beautiful in every way and that they’re enough. So within Vantura Cosmetics, it stands as a company for all the mothers like my mother, for all the sisters like my sister and for the millions of people out there that finds strength in natural individuality.  


Far too often we’re caught up in how others think of us but true beauty lies in the fact that we’re the only one's capable of judging how we feel, interpret and think about ourselves, everything else is just noise. Lose the doubts, fears and insecurities of who you are as an individual and gain back your individual confidence in rediscovering your own natural beauty. Look your best for less.