Do you know those days when you wake up and just feel… different? Nothing seems to have changed, you’re still getting out of the same bed, at the same time, for the same job; but something in fact did changed...

This morning you don’t hit the snooze button, you stopped the alarm right away, hopped right out of that mattress surging with an energized feeling and completely excited for the day. When you look in the mirror you see a vibrant liveliness to your eyes and a great glow to your skin. 


This is what every day is like here at Vantura Cosmetics. Our company focuses on embracing ourselves in the most natural state and enhancing that god given beauty. The company was founded in Vancouver, BC of 2019 on the desire to seriously just cut out the clutter and noise of the beauty industry.

To further elaborate, there are a lot of products out there, hundreds of thousands actually. Some great products that work really well and some others that can be quite questionable (you know what we mean). So forget about all of that as that's not why we exist! Here at Vantura Cosmetics, we strive to provide our beauty enthusiasts with top quality products that are animal cruelty-free, organic and you can’t forget vegan! 

There's more to it! At Vantura Cosmetics, outside of just delivering quality products, we want to address another concern, which is that some products just cost way too much. Paying too much for a product that works is one thing until you find a cheaper alternative that delivers but buying one that doesn’t work, well that's just frustrating. We waste all this time to make an effort to go on the website, make the purchase or even head over to a physical store and make that order to be left disappointed (refund time). We’re busy people who have priorities and the last thing we want to deal with is that kind of frustration. So yes, Vantura Cosmetics hears you… We have gone through similar issues ourselves! So wether you’re in school, raising a family, or juggling multiple jobs, at the end of the day you still want to look exceptionally presentable to the world so you can feel desirable! However finances are tight. Vantura Cosmetics understands that and is delivering on that concern by providing products that are wallet friendly! The simple truth is that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to just feel confident in our skin. Our company's motto is "looking great for less." 


















At Vantura Cosmetics we're driven to empowering men and women to be comfortable under their own skin. To serve as an everyday reminder that we do not need to drastically change our appearances or cake ourselves in a pound of make-up to feel more confident. Authenticity is a big element for our company, and we want to build a community of enthusiasts that just love who they are and how they naturally look. Build on what they were born with and not feel like they have to alter it dramatically to just feel desirable.

Ask yourself right now... Is it worth the hours spent dolling yourself up, impressing everyone else but yourself? Or is it worth all the money spent on things you truly don't need to achieve the same results? What's more beautiful is to just put effort into looking beautiful for yourself because if you can agree with us, nothing's more attractive than someone who confidently loves their own skin.

To feel great is to not worry about what others think. To feel alive is to fully rock your natural glow. To feel truly sexy is to own your unique like features- no one can be you, only you rock you. Vantura Cosmetics wants to give you the guidance and the strength needed to conquer each and every day. To not feel ashamed of who you are and how you look. Internal happiness at Vantura Cosmetics is the mastery of enhancing your natural beauty. We understand it's truly an art form to decide what goes on your face, how to look, what to wear. We want to help you eliminate the stress that goes with that and just have the mindset of "I'm going to look however I want because I'm sexy just the way I am". From longer eyelashes, longer brows, better skin- always emphasize your favourite features. Not only do we want you to have long glowing features, we also want to find those specific products that cater to your needs. So why don't we start getting back to basics with just a small bundle of classics/favourites and not have to weigh your purse down with the accumulation of products at the bottom of it that you might use and stick to your staples.

What are some things you don’t leave the house without putting on? Moisturizer, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blush… We want to make beauty easy and convenient for you. Simply put, there shouldn't be any stress or frustration with looking great, just look great. It doesn't have to be so complicated.


Why buy from us? Here's why!

We understand it's scary sometimes to buy products from a brand new company because the team behind Vantura Cosmetics shares the same feeling! The first thing that crosses our mind is will this product work or am I just wasting my time? So rather than us just telling you our product really works (which it really does) we will remove the fear factor out of this feeling entirely.

Vantura Cosmetics fully stand behind each and every single product we have to offer to you, so much that we have a 110% money back guarantee. Yes you read that correctly, 110% not 100%. What that means is if we truly did not satisfy your needs or deliver on what we promised, then without question or any hassle, we're more than happy to provide you back with 100% of your money plus 10%!

Not many companies do that because they don't believe in their products like we do or feel overly confident in delivering results like we passionately can! That is how sure we are that you are going to fall in love with the product and never feel the need to return anything. Now we do recognize that everyone comes in different shapes and forms, so we accept in the rare occasions you might no enjoy our product or it didn't work like. In the off chance that you aren’t a fan of something, send it back, we will reimburse you 110% of what you paid for it so you are compensated for your time.

For more information on this, check out our guarantee policy.


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Why? Well it's because we wanted to start out with a bang and engage with our community as much as possible. In order to do that, our founder has decided to run this giveaway to give the chance to the many beauty enthusiasts out there in the world an opportunity to win our mega beauty bundle to jump start their summer vacation! Take advantage of our amazing giveaway ever and earn yourself the rare chance of winning over $750 in beauty products. The team at Vantura Cosmetics have carefully built out a Vantura Summer Dream Kit so you can sweep your summer away.

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Stay tuned for our many big promotions and exciting news to come from the company. Now for all first time customers and visitors, we want to thank you for taking part of our community and supporting us in our vision. We value that, so much that we want to gift you $15 off your first purchase on us. All you have to do is head over to our website and subscribe into our elite community! Not only will you just receive $15 off from us, more importantly, you will be treated like a VIP, receiving our top secret promotions and private sales! :)

Now we also want to hear your concerns and receive your review so if you have any feedback or suggestions on what we should add to the product line please drop us a message because we would love to know how we can make you and other customers thrilled to keep coming back!

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