Do you suffer from short eyebrows?

How about thin ones?

Or even worse… sparse eyebrows? 

If it’s a yes to any of those, then you’re among tens of thousands of others who suffer from that constantly! Like everything else in beauty, your eyebrows just happen to have… well their moments.

Some would go as far as saying that their eyebrow is the most important feature on their face. Others would say it’s their eyelashes. Whichever is more important to you, we’re here to help, starting with your brows of course! So here are some simple tips that experts assure are the best for your brows: 


1) Groom Them

Your eyebrows typically grow in a three to four-month cycle, so if you plan to start plucking any hairs, I highly recommend not to pluck any hairs until at least twelve weeks have passed.After then, you can go absolutely wild and pluck the ones that aren’t anywhere near your brow line.

However, it’s best to try and leave any that are super close to that area alone, to keep it’s growing structures aligned. Now what’s super helpful is that you should aim to stick with a daily regimen of grooming your eyebrows which will help promote growth in the right direction.

Once you’re ready to start grabbing yourself a tweezer to get your grooming on, it’s really worth considering the strength of the light you’re using. The reason being is when you have too much light, you tend to over pluck, so brows are best tended to in soft dull lighting. Aim for the afternoon, not the morning.


2) Moisturize Them

If you’re applying some kind of moisturizer onto your face, I highly suggest you start getting some on your eyebrows, also the skin underneath! This is super important if you want to grow long and healthy eyebrows because it will help strengthen the skin barrier and seal in the hydration for that area.

This in turn also helps promote the awesome healthy growth! The key here is to gently apply the lotion, so I suggest applying the moisturizing with only your fingertips, then firmly but gently pressing them over your brows to allow the formula to reach your skin. A great suggestion is using natural oils which are especially great for moisturizing, nourishing and protecting your brows.


3) Keep It Clean

Whenever you have a day off and just feel like going to the beach to sit back, relax and soak up some vitamin D, try going with a fresh face. I recommend throwing on some sunscreen if you plan to spend an extended period of time in the sun. Your skin will be able to breath more when you spend more time rocking it super light. Most days I’d caution just using moisturizer in the morning and a natural sunscreen that has tons of zinc.

Another great suggestion is if you are going to wear makeup, try to lighten the load. Although all of the highlighter and bronzer looks good on the Kardashians, always think less is more when applying make-up; the best products for your skin are always the ones that avoid harmful chemicals. So if you do steer towards organic and natural makeup lines, your skin will be much happier and healthier, most importantly your eyebrows will reap all the glorious benefits in the long term!


4) Eat Healthy

The easiest way to keep your eyebrows in super great shape is well, simply eat healthy meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Study has shown that particular vitamins and minerals can help promote hair growth. Items such as walnuts, mangoes, dark leafy greens and even sweet potatoes to your daily meals can really help with the hydration and blood circulation, which plays a vital role into your hair growth.

I would also even suggest taking marine proteins and vitamin B complex, which is known as biotin for longer and healthier eyebrows and hair. Some experts even suggest eating a good portion of eggs daily (like two eggs a day) because of the protein and good fats in it! The eggs contain B vitamins and biotin which helps to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. All of this will really help to support your amino acids and greatly boost your keratin production.


5) Other Reinforcements

Oils in our diet can help our eyebrows grow but it also helps when you apply them directly to the base of your brows. Trials have shown that Olive Oil, Caster Oil, Coconut Oil and Petroleum Jelly all can help stimulate your brow volume and length. However, when you wake up in the, it’s super critical to wash away any excess residue as you would wash your face in the morning.

Now something else to note, which is super important to help keep those brows in great shape is Phenoxyethanol, which naturally occurs in green tea. Why I’m bringing this up is because not only does it help to stimulate your brow growth but it’s also an anti-bacterial in cosmetics. So if there’s products out there that you’re considering to help with your brow maintenance, look for ones with phenoxyethanol!


6) Using an Eyebrow Serum

Now have you ever considered using an all-natural and vegan Eyebrow Serum?

A good Eyebrow Growth Serum will really help with two main things: to revitalize your follicles and really condition the strength of your hair. The downside of using an eyebrow serum is actually finding one’s that work, one’s that do not irritate your skin and most important, a serum with no harsh chemicals and parabens!

Now if you’re able to finally score yourself a great Eyebrow Growth Serum, then this is super handy as it will help minimize the breakage, repair each strand of hair and most importantly, protect your brows from any and all environment damage (such as pollution which will dehydrate your skin).

If no such serum comes to mind as you’re reading, may I suggest you consider our own all-natural, herbal and vegan Growth Serum? It’s a super easy to use product and has been in the hands of over hundreds of truly satisfied customers. This is the best eyebrow enhancer out there to help you grow longer eyebrows that are even and thicker.

This will be your guilt-free weapon in keeping combating sparse eyebrows, keeping it super healthy, long and most definitely for years to come! Give it a shot as we can confidently say you won’t be disappointed.

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