Why some prefer lash extensions over lash lifts? Here are my thoughts.

So yes, like many I've tried a bunch of odd beauty techniques... Big lashes are the biggest trend right now… And it does not look like this trend is going anywhere. I will let you know about my experience with all of the different methods I have tried to enhance the appearance of my lashes.


If you have any spare money to throw away, you have probably had a few sets of these bad boys. They make you look like you are ready to hit the stage right after you finish the 2-3 hour procedure of having your eyes taped down and getting them each individually put on the ends of your lashes. My first time getting them done I didn’t know that it was one of my applicators first times ever doing them and I got them glue into my eyes multiple times. Then I found someone who is much more experienced in the field and I actually really found it quite relaxing just laying there when she did it. Both of my sessions took over 2 hours, the first because of trial and error, the second because she is very meticulous and made sure every one of my lashes had an extension attached to it.

With these you have to brush them morning, night and throughout the day to keep them tame. Within 2-3 weeks they really start to thin out because your lash cycle involved them naturally falling out and growing back. But when you add something like this that is heavy and a constant irritant, it actually shortens the life cycle of your eyelashes, making them fall out sooner. Which also means you will have to continue going in to get the technician for refills, otherwise you will have visible bald patches in your lashes.

When you do get them all taken off you will notice you had less lashes, bald spots and they are shorter than they were when you first got them. A friend of mine must have naturally thinner lashes than me because when she got hers done by my same technician, they fell out within 7-10 days. She went again and rubbed her eyes shortly later and said half of them fell out, so sometime you will get them done, not knowing that you are compatible and they will all fall out anyways!

Something that I noticed was they were itchy, sometimes they would dip down and poke me in the eye. We all know that feeling of having one of our eyelashes fall into our eye, it’s irritating… But we survive. When I got one of these lashes stuck in my eye it literally felt like a spiders leg was stuck in there and it was so painful to try getting it out!

To summarize, this is one of the most expensive fashion trends that have hit the main stream social norm. Spending a between $95 - $300 on your first set and $65 on refills every month equals $800 over the year.


I would only suggest using Yumi, which uses a keratin treatment rather than the other lash lifts, which use perm and ammonia solutions. It takes much less time to do a lift as it does to do extensions. You still have to let it sit and set in position after taping down all of the lashes, totalling at just over an hour. For 48 hours after the procedure be very very careful not to get your lashes wet! No rain, be extremely aware of the water when washing your face and absolutely no watching P.S I love you… It gets me every time!

So this is what gets me, they promote lash lifts to last 10-12 weeks. If you ever have had one done, you know that by 4-5 weeks you are getting some interesting lash results and can’t do too much to fix it until you go in again for another treatment 8 weeks after  your first. The reason why is because “The average person sheds 4-5 lashes a day, so at five weeks 30 to 40 percent of those lashes will have been shed with new ones growing in their place.” This means that almost half of those tinted, curled lashes have now fallen out and been replaced by lighter straighter ones. Making your lashes look like an anemone with lashes going in all directions.

$150 for Yumi lash lift every two months is $75 a month which is about $1000 a year (Without tip).

Okay Lash Lift vs Extensions. I would have to say lash lift every time! Not just any lash lift, I only would suggest using Yumi. I just personally like the final results of a lift better than extensions because it looks much more natural… Well sort of.

If you want to go the alternative route and just let your lashes grow the way nature intended them but with added length, thicker and more voluminous… Then be Vantura. With the Meili Eyelash Growth Serum from Vantura Cosmetics, you will notice a slight difference in your lashes within the first 4 weeks. After 2 months of applying morning and night, that is when the real transformation happens you will notice any little patches you may have from previous damage will be filled. On top of that they will be fuller, longer, thicker and stronger. 

Not only will it enhance your natural lashes but it will also help you save money! If you apply morning and night and develop a strong foundation for you lashes you won’t need to use is all the time, just a little bit here and there. Depending on the length you want to reach and maintain of eyelashes you could spend anywhere around $200 for the full year, that’s applying quite regularly! 

So if you feel like ditching the chemical perms or spider leg eyes and want to come on board with a system that enhance the natural you, then let's be VANTURA!

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