What's in our Lash Growth Serum?

That's probably the most important question for you to ask as a potential customer for cosmetics!

Well then, we want to tell you exactly what the ingredients are and how healthy they are for you. Now let me ask you, do you know exactly how your mascara was made? Or what about all of the ingredients in your foundation?

The average woman puts 10 different products on their face daily and the vast majority of them do not even know what it is that they are smearing on their epidermis.

Most of us do not like the idea of buying a product without knowing what’s inside it. Many of the complicated words on labels just look like a combination between Latin and gibberish.

Some companies claim to have all natural and vegan products but you then find out that one of their main ingredients has pig’s fat in it! This is unethical and certainly not the Vantura way!

What we are going to do for you right now, is break down each and every ingredient in our Meili Eyelash Serum.

Let’s get started with our first ingredient:

1) Water

We are 70% water and need to remember that water isn’t just a filler it’s essential and most of the products we should buy should be water based rather than oil based. 

2) Glycerin C3H8O3

Which comes from plant oils so basically you take certain plants, squish them and extract the natural oils and voila, you have glycerin!

3) Amino Acids

This is the building blocks of all proteins which are vital for our survival. Amazing to help with your lash growth!

4) Panthenol

Or in other words vitamin B5 (C9H19NO4). Vitamin B5 helps you convert carbohydrates and fats into energy, this energy jumpstarts the growth of your lashes.

5) Propylene Glycol

This is an antioxidant, emulsifier which prevents materials from separating and preserves moisture. Many of us suffer from dry skin, this helps preserve the moisture and rejuvenate your skin.

6) Aloe Leaf Extract

Which is literally just taken from the leaf of an aloe plant; everyone knows how good aloe is for you. It helps to calm the skin preventing rashes and irritation it can also treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E and contains essential amino acids. It’s basically a super fruit that can be beneficial in all aspects of your life.

7) Oleracea Extract

Which is considered a natural alternative to Botox it is extracted from a plant and reduces wrinkles. It is anti-allergic so you won’t have to worry about having any reactions to it, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing and fights free radicals, and whitening.

8) Niacinamide

This is vitamin B3 which Niacin helps protect skin cells from sun damage, whether it's used orally or applied as a lotion. Recent research suggests it may help prevent some types of skin cancer as well

One study found that taking 500 mg of nicotinamide — a form of niacin — twice daily reduced rates of non-melanoma skin cancer among high-risk individuals

9) Fruit Extract

Which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, it rejuvenates and moistens the skin.

10) Ginseng Extract

Which has many benefits. It is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, if ingested it will help improve brain function, boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, and could potentially fight against cancer.

11) Allantoin

This is naturally occurring in most animals, plants and bacteria. It is considered an effective moisturizing ingredient when used in skincare, and its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it an excellent addition to anti-aging products for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

12) Tocopherol

Or better known as Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that comes from oils, nuts and vegetables. Many of us know that Vitamin E can reduce the appearance of scars and is vital for our well-being.

13) Sorbitol

This Is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste if you feel the need to do a taste test of the product… Which we do not suggest, this was made for your lashes not your taste buds!

14) Phenoxyethanol

This naturally occurs in green tea. It is an anti-bacterial in cosmetics, this is why in the previous blog we mentioned how some people use green tea bags on their eyes to use this active ingredient for stimulating hair growth.

15) Myristoyl Pentapeptide-4

This is a fun one to say (try it yourself and then google it after). Myristoyl is a fatty acid and peptides are amino acids, this is a key ingredient for most eyelash growth serums.

16) Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

This is most often used in the treatment of hair loss. Which is not only beneficial for your eyelashes but also for the hair on your head and anywhere else you need. We suggest focusing on one main location because if you try growing hair in too vast of a field you may not see the growth in the individual area you want to focus on. Start with your eyelashes or brows, or both and work your way up from there.

That's It!

So there you have it. Some fruits, fats, proteins, sugars and vitamins. Put them together and you get the Meili eyelash serum by Vantura Cosmetics. The names on any label can look intimidating but they don’t have to be once everything is broken down and explained.

Now that you know what’s in your serum and what you are putting on your eyes and brows… Will you look into your other products with a finer lens? It is always great to dive deeper into the products that you are using because your epidermis is your biggest organ and when it is constantly absorbing toxins, you will eventually get sick.

When a company says they are organic and vegan, look into it and make sure this is true. When they are paraben and micro plastic free you should double check. Parabens are known to cause cancer so we want to avoid any carcinogens at all costs! Micro plastics/micro beads are not only harmful for the environment but they are also harmful for you, sometimes companies disguise micro beads with different names, so make sure you study the other names and keep an eye out.

The consumers have the power and we want all of our customers to be smart consumers and know exactly what they are getting every time they buy. It’s so important to know what you're buying!

"Look great for less, be Vantura."

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