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Our Eyelash Growth Serum works beautifully with Eyelash Extensions!

Everyone wants to be the best and have the nicest things but they don't know how to obtain it. Well you can have the nicest eyelashes in two ways. The first option is using our Vantura Eyelash Growth Serum and waiting a few weeks to see results after applying it daily, morning and night.


You could just see a skilled specialist that can apply individual extended eyelashes to each one of your natural lashes, giving them a dramatic Hollywood look every single day. People have been doing this for years and they definitely seem to be trending on Instagram.

Now when we first got started...

We were reaching out to influencers and noticed that it was hard to come by an influencer who did not use strip lashes or extensions. So we were turning them away because we only thought we wanted girls who rock natural lashes. Well we were wrong, eyelash extensions are right up our alley.

These extensions can be made of multiple different materials. Most lashes are synthetic mink, made of polyester. You can get authentic mink that is harvested by brushing the animal; this looks and feels the most natural, but it's also the most expensive and doesn't last as long as synthetic. Because it is brushed off the mink it is animal cruelty free, but we just suggest getting synthetic because it lasts longer, and we do not have to worry about how the polyester was treated in the making of the extensions.

Whichever material you do choose to use we have a solution to assist in your falsies longevity and livelihood. A big problem with lash extensions is that they look so fabulous when you first get them that you get almost addicted to seeing your eyelashes that voluptuous and bold every time that you look in the mirror. Then within 1-2 weeks quite a few of your lashes have fallen out and they are sparser, but it's fine because now they look a little more natural. By week 3-4 they start to look a little bit patchy, or like spider’s legs on your eyes! We definitely do not want to look like something that just crawled out from under the bed!

Why does this happen? 

It is because our lashes go through cycle where they shed and regrow, this is natural. But there is a way to strengthen them, which will allow them to grow stronger and hold on to those extensions for longer. There is also a way to lengthen the amount of time they grow before they shed for a new one to replace it.

So using an Eyelash Growth Serum will nourish your natural lashes right at the follicle, it penetrates deep within and provides your lashes with the nutrients it needs. Think about it this way, when your hair gets dry and starts to break, you get split ends, one way to help that is by trimming them off and taking better care of your hair next time.

However, we do not want to trim anything and that's not how lashes work. Another way to fix your hair is by doing a deep conditioning or keratin treatment, it helps repair the hair from the follicle and the hair will repair.

Why the Serum works...

Our serum is like a keratin treatment for your lashes. It is not something you need to comb through your eyelashes so it will not affect the bond or glue used to fuse your natural lashes with your extensions.  We do suggest waiting 24 hours after the initial application before putting the serum on, just because you should avoid getting the area wet to help the bond form stronger… So no binge watching This is Us!

To sum it up, we all want to look photoshoot ready every day, save time in the morning by not having to put on makeup. Turn that sidewalk into a runway as you strut down the street confident with your lashes, also turning some heads while we are at it. You will feel like a whole new woman! Or man… No discriminating here, my brother has gotten falsies and loved it. He is also currently using the Vantura eyelash serum!

Our Recommendation...

Is to apply the serum morning and night, it is suggested to do so 2-3 weeks before you plan to get the lashes applied. This way you will have a strong foundation and thicker natural lashes to attach the extensions too. Then when you get the lash extensions put on, wait about 24-48 hours before re-applying the Vantura Meili-Lash Growth Serum, so the bond between your natural lashes and extensions can be well fused together.

Apply morning and night and you will notice a huge difference in just how long those extensions last before you need to go in for a fill. You will eventually have more lashes than ever before and will not have to worry about the weight of your extensions bringing your real lashes down.

With hundreds of happy users and stumbling upon this revolutionary breakthrough, Vantura can now help more people with their lashes needs. You do not know until you try and we have had a few very happy customers inform us that this is a game changer, not only for your real lashes but for your extensions too.

So if you’re ready for a change, start today!

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