Many of us suffer with the same problem, we can’t just wake up, roll our of bed and be ready to conquer the day. When you have long healthy lashes you are more likely to put on less makeup and can confidently wear a fresh face.

Lashes accentuate your eyes, and eyes are the window to the soul so why not draw more attention to them?

Here are some home tips that experts assure are the best for your lashes: 


1. Cleanliness is Key

Morning and night always remember to wash your face with a cleanser that works well for your skin type. We personally use a local organic line called Aiona Alive that uses live collagen in their moisturizer and a complete 4 step process. If you use an exfoliant, make sure to keep it away from your eyes as it’s the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your face. Gently remove excess makeup off your eyes with a cotton pad or makeup wipe.

Leaving makeup on overnight isn’t good for your skin and it can even stunt the growth of your lashes because the longer you keep makeup on them the weaker and more brittle they eventually get. Aloe vera juice and flesh are not only good for your lashes but they are also amazing to add to your skincare regime. 

2. Be Gentle With Them

When removing your mascara be careful with how much pressure you rub your lashes with. If it is allergy season try your best not to rub your eyes when they get itchy, instead lightly hold your hand over your eye and wiggle your eyeball back and forth rather than rubbing it vigorously with your hand, like we tend to do. If that doesn’t work then try an allergy Visine or an artificial tear drop.

If all else fails, contact a healthcare professional about what might be the best way to treat your allergies. The more you irritate and rub your lashes, the more likely they are to fall out!

3. Avoiding Makeup

Alicia Keys and many other celebrities are pushing the “No Makeup Movement,” forwarding the message of self-acceptance. Why not join in when you can? 

If you have the day off work and just feel like going to the beach to sit back, relax and soak up the vitamin D, try going with a fresh face. We do always recommend throwing on some sunscreen if you plan to spend an extended period of time in the sun. Your skin will be able to breath more when you spend more time rocking it au natural. Most days we recommend just using moisturizer in the morning and a natural sunscreen that uses zinc.

Another pro tip if you can’t avoid makeup, many of us have hormonal breakouts or just feel more confident once we’ve enhanced our features with a pop of color. If you are going to wear makeup, try to lighten the load. Although all of the highlighter and bronzer looks good on the Kardashians, always think less is more when applying makeup.

The best products for your skin are always the ones that avoid harmful chemicals. If you steer towards organic and natural makeup lines, your skin will be much happier and healthier. 

4. A Healthy Diet

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but eating the right food makes your eyelashes look good. Focus on eating foods rich in protein and vitamins. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, soy protein, and yogurt will help your eyelashes grow. Salmon and other fish are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps to grow strong nails, shiny hair, and long eyelashes.

A lot of people also take a vitamin B complex known as Biotin for longer and healthier eyelashes and hair. If you have dietary restrictions that prevent you from eating many of those protein sources, make sure to supplement your oils, and vitamins at home!

Some even suggest not only eating eggs because of the protein and good fats in it… But also applying it directly to your lashes! Eggs contain B vitamins and biotin which helps to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. This is also suggested to do multiple times a week for several months.

5. Call in Reinforcements

Oils in our diet can help our lashes grow but it also helps when you apply them directly to the base of your lashes and when you comb it through them. Trials have shown that Olive Oil, Caster Oil, Coconut Oil and petroleum jelly all can help stimulate your lash volume, length, and the curvature of your lashes. If oils aren’t your cup of tea, why not make one, wait for it to cool and dip it on your eyes before bed, green tea is the recommended leaf of choice. When you wake up in the morning wash away any excess residue as you would wash your face in the morning.

Phenoxyethanol is naturally occurring in green tea it not only stimulates lash growth but it is also an anti-bacterial in cosmetics. Aloe Leaf Extract is one of our main ingredients for strengthening your lash hair.

These ingredients and more are found in the Vantura Lash Growth Enhancer so if you don’t feel like experimenting at home, why not try something that has been proven to work from hundreds of happy customers?

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