The saying is not cool but...

Having fuller and thicker eyebrows most certainly still are! Do you remember back in the 90’s how everyone would over pluck and the pencil thin line above your eyes was popular. Thankfully some trends die out.
The only problem is, when you over pluck those brows they eventually stop growing back! Now a big problem is women have eyebrows that are still stuck in the 90’s but they want to rock the look of the new millennium. 


They shape your face. If you have any uneven features they can help proportionate your lines. There is an art to creating the perfect brows that take tons of practice and when people are missing their brows or have very light hair it can sometimes be more difficult to convey emotion because they tend to tell a story.

Most of our reactions and emotions are heavily displayed through eyebrow movement and placement. Our eyebrows also accentuate our eyes which further helps with communication and complimenting your face.

Whether they are perfectly shaped or not they draw attention to the eyes, nose and lips. The more dramatic the eyebrows the more of a magnetic pull they have on others eyes to look over. 


Get a tattoo… On your face.

What a great idea!

How it works is a technician or tattoo artist will thread and cut your brows to a desired length and initial shape. Then, some will put numbing cream on your eyebrows so you don’t feel any pain from the needle.

However others do not. They shape your brows trying to make them perfectly symmetrical measuring with a string and drawing them on. Finally they take a tattoo needle or something similar that makes thin cuts in your skin, the ink on the needle sinks deep into the tiny abrasion it just created and they make as many fine little lines to replicate the look of hair as they can to make your eyebrow look fuller.

With these tiny little open cuts they rub a final layer of ink over the whole area to make sure even more sinks in and is absorbed by your skin. Micro-blading ranges from $350-$1500 and lasts between one to three years but typically they expect you to touch it up after two months, then again at six months and again at one year.

This will help it last the full 3 years but this is a procedure that requires maintenance and there are always risks to any invasive procedure. It is also highly recommended to test the product on your skin beforehand and if you have any allergies to dyes or anything please keep in mind that it is a dye that will be pushed into an open wound on your face!

People have had very bad reactions to this such as an allergic reaction that makes the eyebrows swell. There is also a risk of infection if the technician isn’t using properly sanitized utensils.

There have been many horror stories recorded on the internet that range from permanent damage to just a very strange colour being left behind. If you ever see someone walking around with slightly purple or off tint eyebrows they probably got their eyebrows micro-bladed… And they didn’t get the semi permanent result that they wanted. 


For those among us that don't want to have permanent/semi-permanent tattoos on their face that are quite expensive. The alternative is just using a pencil or powder to fill in the areas that you feel you are lacking. We all want high arches, long and full brows.

Applying makeup to have the perfect, naturally enhanced, slightly fierce like the Kardashian's but still something that suites you kind of brow… Is not as easy as it looks. This takes multiple products, a lot of time developing the right techniques, multiple makeup brushes and a lot of trial and error. (And usually help from a professional).

When you put makeup on to give that enhanced effect, they can come out too dark and almost cartoon-like. Even better, you might wind up like the witch from Wizard of Oz screaming  “I’m melting” as soon as you step outside in the rain for a moment. No one wants to deal with brow smudge. Trends come and go, tattoos can be forever. Grow your own brows that you can wear with pride! 


At Vantura, we have an Eyelash Serum that doubles up to assist with your brow growth when you consistently apply it to your brows. We suggest you take before and after photos so you can see the progress after 1 and 2 months for yourself.

It's organic, vegan, animal-cruelty free and you are guaranteed to like the product, if you do not, Vantura will give you your money back, and some! Best part is, no pain and no smudging. 

Just enjoy growing your natural eyebrows, the serum will help ensure that any patchy areas fill in, elongate and stimulate hair growth wherever you want your brow to form. Just make sure to apply morning and night every day and make it part of your everyday routine. 

As we all know, money may be made of paper but it certainly does not grow on trees. Most people can’t afford to just throw money away on procedures that may or may not be something that they like or hate. Why not just invest a small amount into something that you can keep with you for the rest of  your life? Your natural brows are something you can wear with pride.

As long as you remember to be consistent in applying day and night in no time, you’ll have Cara Delivigne brows. 

PS: If you're convinced that our Growth Serum is something you'd need to help you get those fuller looking Eyebrows, click here.